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Our team is ready to research, outline or develop and write scripts to give you choices on where to take your project. We’re here to help bring your ideas to life. If you’re unsure where to begin, contact us for a free consultation. Starting with a simple idea is all it takes and we will work closely with you to develop it into a full video perfectly suited for you.



Storyboarding is only for certain types of productions that require them and may vary in detail. Creating a storyboard of illustrations gives the production team, and clients, a visual for what each shot is going to look like. It also describes, in detail, what each shot will entail from a technical standpoint. This way there is no guesswork and we can be sure to know the result we will get before a single frame is even shot.



Location scouting is key for any production because very different feels can be accomplished with different backdrops. Also, from a technical standpoint, you may, or may not, be able to achieve a certain feel depending on where you film. When scouting, we consider things like where will the sun set, what time we’ll be shooting, and how we can achieve our shots from the storyboard. This way we know exactly how, where, when and what we need to film so that the production process can run smoothly.



I have a wide array of equipment in house that allows me to shoot and produce quality footage. I shoot on everything from ENG-style (broadcast), DSLR (cinema-style) and Go Pro cameras. I love to incorporate additional tools like steadicams, dollies, quadcopter drones and jib shots whenever applicable.  It all depends on the type of project you require. Together with my team, I will work with you to produce a video that best suits your needs.

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